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Welcome to the Age of Artificial Consciousness

Artificial Consciousness

2016 is a big year.

This is the first year that Artificial Consciousness or Machine Intelligence will start to become a reality with Silicon Valley spending billions in developing this brave and sometimes terrifying new frontier. The age of Cloud Consciousness.

But human consciousness still remains so unknown and unexplored. Are we, as a species, ready to replicate our consciousness when we still have not fully understood it?

In human consciousness studies, so many areas still remain unanswered. The great mind/brain conundrum, does consciousness continue after death, are we conscious at the quantum level, are we capable of collective acts of consciousness, can we actually tap into new dimensions and universes by altering our consciousness, can we develop psychic abilities, are there intelligences in other dimensions communicating with us, can the brain expand its use beyond the 9% we do, do plants communicate with us through DMT and other means, are we evolving as a species in expanding our consciousness? So many questions to answer and yet we seem more preoccupied with our technologies and our AI.

Perhaps if we spent even 10% of this money on really studying human consciousness we may discover that the secret to everything is actually within us – just as all those ancient seers, mystics, shamans, sadhus and visionaries had ecstatically realized and tried to tell us over and over again. As we celebrate the advent of real AI and AC in 2016 perhaps we can spare a little more earnest thought for the humanity that underlies our consciousness.

#Consciousness #AI #Wisdom

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