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“When there is silence one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself” 

~Lao Tzu

Raja Choudhury

Raja is a TED and TEDx speaker and teacher of Meditation, Indian Wisdom, Creativity and Neuroscience. In his professional life he is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker and digital entrepreneur who has created numerous Webby Award-winning campaigns in the UK, US and India for some of the largest brands in the World. His film “The Quantum Indians” on Bose, Raman and Saha, was awarded the Rajat Kamal at the 2014 National Film Awards. He has won 2 Webby awards for his digital work in the US and India with brands like Coldwell Banker,, Coca-Cola and BT. Raja combines ancient Indian wisdom techniques with a deep modern understanding neuroscience, the unconscious mind, the challenges of corporate life and how to hack your biology in his teachings and workshops. Raja is currently exploring new ways to rewire our own consciousness and explore expanded inner creativity and intuition. The Still Point™ is his new system for leaders and pioneers.

The Still Point is a new Mind Training and Meditation System that will supercharge your inner operating system and make you a more stress-free, powerful, energetic, creative, focused, happy and fully aware leader and human being with a deep awareness of your environment, stakeholders and shareholders. It will give you internal tools to deal with any form of stress, chaos, difficulty or uncertainty. In this highly effective and transformative system; disruptive digital entrepreneur, meditation teacher, TED speaker, and National Film Award winning filmmaker Raja Choudhury ( teaches leaders and change-makers the art and science of deep meditation - manipulating energy, hacking their bodies and minds, accessing unbelievable happiness, mastery of concentration and achieving higher states of consciousness and creativity.


The Five Still Point Meditations

Meditation is about learning to rewire our inner operating system from the inside out. We can hack our own consciousness, radically alter and boost our ability to focus, respond to any situation at hand, and open our hearts to whatever life throws at us.


The Five Still Point Meditations offers

5 potent ways to hack your inner OS. Each of these meditation styles is a training module. During each interactive module we will explore the theoretical underpinnings of these practices and do a combination of guided, silent and social meditation. There will be plenty of time for fine-tuning and questions as we journey into the process of hacking the mind through the practice of Still Point meditation.

In this training you will learn:


  1. Channeling Energy: Learning how to observe and tap into the energy around and within you based upon techniques developed from Qi Gong, Kriya Yoga (Prana Activation), Martial Arts and Somatic Dance Therapy.

  2. Breath Control: By learning how to breathe in new ways, we will learn how to hack our Reptilian Brain and all our hormones and biological processes.

  3. Heart Activation: Opening the heart for increased compassion, collaboration and resonance with the world as well as the controlled release of happiness molecules like Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

  4. Still Point Activation: Strengthening of the muscle of attention and emptying our minds and learning how to be completely still. This is the core teaching of the system and leads to a wonderfully peaceful yet energetic observer state.

  5. The Creative Mind: By opening the inner eye, we will begin to see the world and ourselves in a new way and tap into the source of creativity, innovation, intuition, happiness and inner light. The Eureka Factor


Formats Available

  • One-to-one Consultation and Coaching

  • 2-Hour Talk

  • Half Day Workshop

  • 2-Day Retreat


For further Information or to book Raja please contact Madhulika Sharma on +91 9650777360


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