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Raja is the founding teacher of A Thousand Suns Academy producing and conducting courses, programs, retreats, workshops, and quests through them. If you are already a grad or student of the Academy or wish to study with us then click on this link to direct you there. Visit the Site 


Raja is also on the Faculty of The Shift Network offering various online live and on-demand Courses, Webinars and FB Events on Kundalini Awakening, Tantra, Meditation, and Shakti. 


Awakening Your Kundalini

A 7-Part On-Demand Video Course

Discover how to Awaken Your Kundalini in this very popular (1,600+ Graduatess in the past 2 years) 7-Part Video Course with Raja Choudhury on The Shift Network and join a FB community of over 500 Shaktis that have taken it. Click Here for Details and to SIgn Up

Available On Demand now!


Available On Demand now!

Clearing Karma

A 9-Part On-Demand Video Course

Work with Raja on clearing your Bad Karma, Healing Past Traumas and learn how to become as light as a feather using techniques from Tantra, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Shakti Vidya. Click here for details and to Sign Up


The Dance of Shiva & Shakti

A 12-Part On-Demand Video Course

Explore the deeper teachings of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra with Raja in this in-depth advanced course over 12 Modules exploring the Void and how to expand your higher consciousness. Click Here for Details and to SIgn Up


Available On Demand now!

Opening Your Third Eye

A 9-Part On-Demand Video Course

Discover how to Open Your Third Eye and tap into higher consciousness, illumination, intuition, and bliss. . Click Here for Details and to SIgn Up

Listen here to one of Raja's students speaking about the 7-Part Course. 


Raja offers regular Workshops, Training Programs, Retreats and Seminars around the World through A Thousand Suns Academy. Events are announced regularly here and on Facebook - stay tuned! Register here to stay updated on future courses and events.

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I would love to hear from you regarding any valid opportunities or queries. Contact me
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