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Raja Choudhury has been making acclaimed Films and Videos since 2006. Winner of the 2014 National FIlm Award (India) for Best Educational Film and Winner of the 2014 Golcen Beaver for Best Science Film from Vigyan Prashar.


  • Wisdom and Spirituality

  • Great Teachers

  • Science and Consciousness

  • Indian History

  • Indian Wisdom

  • Esoteric Mysticism and Wisdom

  • Great Journeys


America's First Guru

Coming to Public Television May 2024

America's First Guru tells the story of Swami Vivekananda and how Yoga and Hinduism first entered the popular American conversation. Presented by WTTW Chicago and distributed on Public Television by NETA in the US in May 2024

Sacred America, Sacred World


In conjunction with the release of Stephen Dinan's new book "Sacred America, Sacred World", Raja produced this compelling short film to give readers a teaser of things to come

Guruji Amritananda


Guruji tells the story of a remarkable teacher who started life as a Nuclear Physicist and following a transformative experience at the age of 48 became a spiritual teacher and built a City called Devipuram dedicated to Devi and the worship of the sacred feminine. Releasing full film in October 2016. 

YOGA Harmony With Nature


This was the official film released worldwide by the UN and the Ministry of External Affairs of the Indian Government to celebrate the first International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2015.  




The Quantum Indians


The Quantum Indians tells the compelling story of 3 Indian scientists (Bose, Raman and Saha) who in the 1920's transformed the world of Quantum Physics with their theories leading to India's first and only Nobel for Science. Produced by PSBT. Winner of the 2014 National Film Award and the 2014 Golden Beaver from Vigyan Prashar for Best Science Film of 2013.

YOGA Aligning to the Source


Raja's poetic and lyrical film on the history and origins and practice of Yoga for PSBT with the great BKS Iyengar, Devdutt Patnaik and the music of Layne Redmond - used by Yoga teachers around the World as an introduction to Yoga for beginners.

The Modern Mystic: Sri M


The Modern mystic tells the life story and vision of one of India's leading wisdom masters Sri M of Madnapalle whose recent book "Autobiography of a Yogi's Apprentice" is now considered a best seller.

I Believe: Universal Values fora Global Society with Dr. Karan Singh


The Visions and Beliefs of Dr. Karan Singh, India's sole surviving renaissance man - politician, Maharaja of Kashmir, author, speaker, artist, musician and India's Ambassador to UNESCO.

Spirituality in the Modern World: Ken Wilber + Traleg Rinpoche


A once-in-a-lifetime, riveting and inspirational dialogue on Spirituality in the Modern World between Ken Wilber and Traleg Rinpoche at the Society for Ethical Culture in New York City in October 2006.

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